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        I created this website as a way to express myself through my pictures of myself and others.  I love photography.  I love talking pictures.  It helps me to relax.   So I created this website as a photo diary.  All these picture and prints on this site have been taking by me unless noted.  Well its easier and cheaper to keep up than a book and I can show my pictures to people all around the world.  Hey you never know someone out there might like my work or me (LOL) To find out more about me click here  I have added some Scriptures of Encouragement and few new links to my site.  I know I need to update with some new pictures but I'm trying photographs are not cheap you know.  Plus I been kind of busy with School.  

  This is a picture of me and my cat (Happy) I love my cat (Happy) so much so.  She has almost been with me half my life.  This my favorite self portrait of them all.  My poor sweet baby  passed away.  I'm very very sad that see is gone.  I've have had her seven years.  She was a part of my family.  I have a section of this dedicated to her.  I loved her so much.

Scriptures of Encouragement

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I have alot more pictures below I tried to spread them out as much as possible.  I didn't want it to that forever for the pages to load.  Just browsing through my links below and you will see.


Photo grams.

Poems written by Guys I know

My Pictures

Night Photography

The death of my best friend.


"Lil Angel" Check out more at My Pictures


   On this site I have pictures that I like and some that I don't.  I want to show myself looking good and also when I'm not looking so good.  Most people won't put bad pictures of them self up, but I want people to see how I really am.  No one ever looks great at every point in there life.    I also put on the site pictures I fine that are very good to me and some that I needed work on.  I will be adding more pictures frequency.   

So come back if you enjoy. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures of myself.

This is a very recent picture I took by my living room window.  I was trying out my new soft focus lens filter but it looks like I need more light.

This picture cannot be enlarged

A picture of me at my desk in my room.

You got to have balance in your life. (lol)


 I have a Blackplanet site too I'm currently in the process of working on that but if you wanna check it out its at keykey9090=blackplanet



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