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Without words, lost not to be felt
Finding the right words are difficult
What to say,
    How to say,
         Should I say,
             When should I say,
                  Can I say,
                        do I want to say,
Yes I do, with emotions driven I want to,
With all that comes with it I want to,
With Tears and sorrow.......... I want to,
With respect and love ............ I want to,
The only question left is ..... do you want to?


When your close,
          smiles come from nowhere.
When your away,
          the sun doesn't shine as bright.
When you cry
          my heart weeps.
When you smile,
         nothing, nothing can go wrong.
I feel I can't do enough,
You tell me I do to much,
When your in love to much seems like not enough
The moments we share are never enough and ever moment is cherished.
Everything is sweeter and everything is perfect,
    All The Time.

My Sunshine

My sunshine wakes me in the morning,
      and puts me to sleep at night.
My Sunshine keeps me choosey and warm to my delight.
My Sunshine comforts me and I do the same for my Sunshine
My Sunshine Makes my day sweet and satisfying
    and is brighter then any Star.
I never want to be without My Sunshine.


All the above Written by romeo on blackplanet.

"Our first kiss"
We come together your eyes locked in mine and mine if yours...our hands
are joined...I place your hands on my chest so u can feel the rhythym of
my life increase with anticipation of our first session of intimacy...i
hold your cheeks in my hands and come close to you...i
carefully place a gentle kiss in the center of your forehead...then i
run my hands over your eyelids closing them as i place an innocent kiss
your left eyelid then your right...u can feel the warmth of my body
intering yours through my lips into our, we rub noses
and our eyes meet again more in a daze then ever...i slightly open my
mouth and inch my tongue out and lick slowly across your top lip to the
left then drag my tongue back across your bottom lip to the
our mouths both slightly opened I grip your top lip soothingly with my
lips and u grip my bottom lip with your lips...all the time our eyes
closed...we open our eyes together and glance at each other us both being
lost for words only wanting to further express our feelings by joining
again...our lips intertangle at a slow pace and increase slightly as our
tongues meet and fold and caress each other sharing each other's warmth
we are one...then i stop and whisper for u to stick your tongue out...and
i wrap my lips around your tongue and suck all your sweet saliva into
me...then u suck my tongue and go on to wrestle with each other's lips
and we develop a harmony with each other's mouths and an
intoxication with the taste of each other and the taste of the blend that
we make...and we fall asleep face to face in each other's arms and as we
sleep our foreheads kiss....

Written by NedNarb at