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The death of my best friend.

Here I'll have all the pictures I've taking of my best friend. (Happy)

I'll update this page later I have all the pics scanned.

April 1993 - November 18, 2000

For more pics of happy click on the picture

Well like I said before up top she just recently passed away.  I feel so empty without her.  I in a way I feel like I failed her because I was not there to make sure that she was safe away from harm.  I think only a pet owner could understand how I feel.   I keep telling myself that I never wanted her to be a prisoner and I wanted to let free at times.  So I couldn't keep her locked up forever.  She got out and she was hit by a car.


This is still part of a series but I haven't got them all up I'm in school you know. This was the 1st good picture I ever took of her.  I love it .I love her.  with my new camera.

She was very happy on this day I remember it like it was yesterday.


lil baby.jpg (143432 bytes)

This is her baby picture.  she was about 7weeks in this picture.

sweetheart.jpg (148030 bytes) This is a cute picture I took of her I really don't remember much about it, I just know that it was a good day.

They look alittle like hers eyes.


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